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Structured Wiring Systems

Available In-Wall or Surface-Mounted Cabinets:

H218A - 18" Enclosure with HC18A Cover
H236A - 36" Enclosure with HC36A Cover

H290 - AC Power Accessory (less outlets, supplied by your licensed electrician)
H616 Master Telephone Hub
Connects 4 incoming Telephone Company Lines to the first 6 inside locations and has a special alarm system RJ31X jack factory installed.
H618 Telephone Expansion Hub
Connects an additional 8 locations to the 4 incoming lines of the H616. Unlimited H618's can be added for greater expansion.
H628 Data Hub
Provides for 8 outputs to LAN connections for 10/100 & 10BaseT connectivity from 8 data-port locations in the home. Additional H628 modules can be used if more data-ports are installed in the home.
H838BID Video Distribution Hub
Distributes Cable TV to up to 8 rooms and also has inputs for up to 2 modulated inputs to combine signals to all TV's. The H838BID is bi-directional and passes hi speed cable internet to all TV outlets in the system.
H460 Music Distribution Module
Distributes multi-location music to H470 volume controls and attached speakers using CAT5 cable. Compatable with Russound ABUS system equipment.
H470 Rotary Volume Control
Powers a set of 8-ohm speakers with it's built-in 15-Watt (total) amplifier. Up to 4 H470 controls can be used with the H460 hubs.
5545 4-Channel Modulator
Changes channels from SAT TV, DISH TV, VCRs, DVDs, Cameras, and more to useable CATV channels above CH105 so you can view the programs from any TV . It inputs from 4- sources.

Many other products are available. Please visit www.openhousesystems.com for more information.


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