GPS Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

Ideal for Business or Personal Use...

You can now track your vehicle resources, or your mobile teenagers, with cutting-edge GPS monitoring through American Security and Communications! All that is required is an installed "beacon" or transponder under the dashboard, and a computer with internet browsing capabilities.

Users can obtain real-time vehicle location and mapping.
And there is more... Subscribers Can View History,
Track in Real-Time, and Supervise Behavior...

Need to know where they have been? Data is periodically stored in a history file which includes details such as location by time and vehicle speed. Users can be setup to receive emails when a violation occurs.


Rules can be established to show when a vehicle leaves or enters a certain boundry(s) set up on a map.

Live Tracking

Need to find them right now? The user can locate a vehicle at anytime. Beyond that, they can track the vehicle "live" taht can track as quickly as fifteen seconds and display the vehicle's travel directly on a street map.

Easy To Set-Up...

Installation consists of installing a small beacon unit under the dashboard. Installation takes aproximately less than a MINUTE in most cases. It is powered by the vehicle's battery. No external antennas are required!

Internet Access...

Wherever you are, from the internet you can view and print history and reports including maps showing the travel pattern of the vehicle(s) at anytime. Compare the travel log with a worker's trip ticket or job report, and you can save money in wasted or unnecessary driving habits of employees.

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