Business Security Systems

From small businesses to large industrial applications we offer complete services to protect your property and employees:

Complete perimiter door protection, window or glassbreak protection and interior motion detectors make up the most popular type of protection equipment. With today's business enviroment, we also protect employees from danger with wireless panic alarms that work from inside and OUTSIDE your business! We also design help alarms for people working in dangerous areas. The new OSHA and ADA standards also may require special equipment we design into most systems. Our most popular and most dynamic system is manufactured by HONEYWELL. It offers complete system integration and control of automated equipment. Also, we install alarm panels that control lighting and office equipment's part of our basic system!

We design, install and service:

Monitoring Services:

  • 24/7 Monitoring - The finest and fastest response U.L.Central Stations available.
  • Opening and Closing Reports - Mailed or faxed to you regularly or when you need them, or viewed at anytime via the internet!
  • Scheduled Openings & Closings - We are your watchdog for late openings or early closings, or unautorized entry times.
  • Pass Code Management - We keep records of your employees so you don't have to. A free service that our customer's really benefit from.
  • Remote Access - Emergency access and remote control of your system as you may require.
  • Internet Access - Internet access gives you the information you need when you need it. You can view call lists, zone lists, alarm history, and more from the internet 24/7, and at NO CHARGE with basic monitoring services.

Other Related Services

  • Closed Circuit TV Systems; Remote Viewing, Digital Recording

  • Door & Card Access Systems; Biometric Scanners, Proximity Cards

  • Intercom & Paging Systems, Background Music

  • Vehicle Monitoring

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