Monitoring Overview

Since 1975 American Security and Communications, Inc. has been committed
to providing the highest quality monitoring available in the security industry.
We continue to bring our customers flexible, cutting-edge solutions
for the homeowners and business people across the country
who demand the very best in monitoring services.

Checkout our Internet Monitoring and Control Services by Honeywell
(Honeywell Panels Only)

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Working with a company you can rely on is critical. With American Security and Communications you can be confident that you and family or co-workers are in excellent hands. It is our personal touch, plus our high level of industry knowledge and professional service, that makes us a company that our customers trust.

We realize that no two alarm companies are alike. When you partner with us, we immediately help you with your unique needs. You will soon realize that we not only understand your current needs, but that we are constantly investing in new technologies and training to serve your needs in the future. In that way, you receive the best monitoring services available in the industry.

We are confident that you will find our monitoring services and technology so compelling, that you will become a lifelong customer.

No Hidden Fees!

That's right:

* We reserve the right to charge for excessive signals in certain incidents.

In the security industry, you need the fastest response times and most reliable information. With American Security and Communications, you will get the speed and reliability you need. Consider this:

Special Features

As a customer you can select any or all of the available & optional features. We want you to have access to the tools that best serve your needs.

Call us today at 1-800-821-7370

for your initial consultation and needs analysis. We can custom-tailor your monitoring or business services to your specific needs requirements.

American Security and Communications, Inc. contracts with more than one independant monitoring centers across the United States to give you the best regionalized service!